Eton Mills | President and Founder CGE

Emissary, Envoy - Apostolic Legatus of Jesus Messiah.

The Gospel is Messianic


The Community - Commonwealth of Israel - One Dynastic Nation. Extensive, Inclusive, Global...
The Church: One Temple; Royal Priesthood of All - Jew and Gentile; The Cross, One Common Altar...
The Christ, One Sacrifice, Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
All Mankind incorporated, fellow-heirs and Citizens None the Stranger. All the families of the earth, all people's, tribes and tongues together adopted; all nations to share in Abrahamic Covenant; Abrahamic Blessing...
'For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named' The Apostle Paul.

This work - Council for Global Evangelisation - was ignited during the United Charismatic Convention in Adelaide, Australia in January 1992, when I met Michael Kolisang, formidable CFAN - Christ for All Nations - Evangelist for 25 years; and under a gospel tent at Maseru, the capital of the Kingdom of Lesotho, a country nestled in the Drakensberg mountains, where the man of God uttered terrific prophetic word, and with it, then and there, I receive Mandate of Commission, 

‘You’re meant to be in the governments of this world, but God wants to put you into crusade evangelism. You have thought small, but now you will think big…’, 

and it was not much longer when God visits my life with the flames of Holy Spirit fire - astonishing Midnight Anointment which struck the nation of Australia with such heavenly fire that many said it had not been so seen since last Kathryn Kuhlman was on the earth - healing of cancer, raising of the dead - the power to frighten Satan, and we have since been touching the world.

Nothing I can say about myself is anything to me, really, and it shouldn’t matter to you over much. But I will tell you about the dramatic contest with Master practitioner of the Magic Arts, Hindu sorcerer who abandons his lofty abode, his mountain lair in the Himalayas to relocate to my city Melbourne, and the real fight of my life, my family and my ministry then begins in earnest, and I win, by the help of God, so that at the end of that skirmish Jesus thought it timely to visit me and to cause me to behold Him in the full glare of His majesty - the power and the glory to raise the dead! No! Visitation to save all Mankind! And now I was within striking distance of the gates of Hell, and it will mean the radical transformation of the world.

The gospel is not an Art, it is demonstration and it is power.

Calling people to Jesus, witnessing the grace of God at work - stampede of those running to get saved. What shall I compare it with? Nothing.

There is no power in earth like Jesus. There is no honour in the world, there is no glory in life, like serving Jesus Christ in the gospel. And by the gospel, I mean direct evangelism - miracle power as the Apostles pass to our generation.

The gospel is not an Art, it is demonstration and it is power. And for those who have learned to handle it, it is the Word, the terror of devils. Sickness cannot abide it. The world will never be the same for it. If you have understood, and it becomes thee to be worthy of the presence of the Holy Spirit; and you have known what it means to be co-worker with God, then you will be ready to speak about Jesus.

If you don’t believe in evangelism, you are, and already were, conquered, and Satan shall have no more use of you. Satan is frightened of evangelism, the only time Satan rouses himself, because he was provoked to come out like Mountain Lions, is when he gets inkling the Christians have awakened and now mean not only to do but also to follow through on this business of the Cross. And to spend the treasure! Oh that!

Don’t try to define EVANGELISM it is known only by those who have learned it.

“If it’s not the nations, it’s not the gospel.
‘That None Shall Perish,’ isn’t it what it's all about Eton?”

Do you care now about Evangelism? But of course!  Follow after them, then, and you too shall sparkle with the glory of God, and shine with the light in His face. And if you can find the treasure Ointment of Alabaster Box, pray its contents break out in your life, to diffuse Aroma of His love in the darkness of this world.

The most beautiful words, I ever heard, “If it’s not the nations, it’s not the gospel. ‘That None Shall Perish,’ isn’t it what it's all about Eton?”

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