OTTT - Operation Take The Territory - Unprecedented.

GHANA, 1-12 OCTOBER 2019

OTTT - Operation Take The Territory - Unprecedented.

When the gospel is the light to our eyes and the fire in our bones, GoFest Africa comes to kindle the flame for the awakening of nations. Time to call upon God in a united voice, and to interpose for the salvation of this continent's 1.109 billion souls.  Welcome to Ghana,  torch-bearing nation since Africa's independence.

Join us in this United All-Ghana Mega Crusade Effort. Kick-off of National Events starts at Independence Square, Accra. This should draw in the Capital city's 26 districts, to be followed by evangelism events in Western Region - Takoradi; Eastern Region - Koforidua. Multitudes from neighbouring Volta and Central Regions also expected to join in the national gospel effort.

Council for Global Evangelisation

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Hello Africa!

Thank you for tuning in. We are ready for the salvation, for the healing of the nations.

We have heard it in our dreams; we have seen it in vision.

Ghana, Home-ground of Africa's Independence, torchlight of the gospel in your hand, Africa shall arise.

Shackles of the past; shame of generations, humiliation of days, the Cross, Standard of Ages, shall resolve.

Dominion from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth, that is our Battle Cry!

Eton Mills, President and Founder, Council for Global Evangelisation (CGE)


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