With this Anointing I have inoculated your life, and the lives of All my people

His Love, His might and Power to you All, blessing in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Believers! Trust in the Lord From Genesis to Revelation. The Word says, “But in all these things we overconquer; more than conquer, vanquish, beyond and beyond, through the One who loves us - from Strong’s Interlinear Bible text.

Prayer, Prayer! And more prayer!
To the Closet!

Let us all each and every day spread our hands to God; let us lift our holy hands to the heavens, and under outspread, outstretched expansive wings of His glory, declare, “The whole earth is full of His glory.”

From since Moses and the Hebrews, the Lord has declared, “But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.” Numbers 14:21

At the onset of this plague, I was sitting in my chair, in my living room, and suddenly I felt an in-rush, in-pouring of the Holy Spirit, in-gush of His Power, and it was filling up my chest.

The Lord is my witness, I heard the voice of God, and He was saying to me, “With this Anointing I have inoculated your life, and the lives of All my people.”

The Anointing, people of God, The Anointing!

And I do know something of the Anointing, believe you me!

So this 2020, I dare proclaim, shall be Year of the Anointing of God.

Of particular interest to the Lord shall be those who have been in the closet, and consistently instant in prayer.

It won’t do just to be Evangelical. We must procure the Power of God. The Anointing, Read-up on it.

Find Benny Hinn’s Good Morning Holy Spirit.

By now we should all have learned some of it from that most blessed man of God.

If the Church were smart, they would ask God to teach them everything that man knows.

If the Church were smart, they would invest in the gospel of the glory of the Blessed God.

And if the Church were really smart, they would read-up Pronto on the American Tommy Hicks’s Vision, 1961.

Christians, if we were really, really smart, we should all gravitate to grand idea of Jesus: the gospel of the kingdom.

Now to the King of Ages...Incorruptible, Invisible...
The Only Wise God, be honour and glory to the Ages of the Ages!

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