Eton Mills Miracle Book - Excerpt

On the subject of miracles what have we learned, what do we know? The bible is big on miracles. It is the stamp of faith and of New Testament experience. Track miracles and you will find the Master's footprint.

Now in reality, what must one do to obtain a miracle? People say miracles do happen. But what they really mean is that there is no such a thing as miracles. The words are gilded with humour but they betray an obvious sense of doubt and unbelief. 

In the first instance, miracles don’t just happen. They happen for those who want miracle solutions and miracle answers. Who pray miracle prayers and have faith to call up on God for miraculous intervention.

Life is fraught with intractable problems. It is inconceivable that human resourcefulness alone can sustain it without the help of the name of Jesus Christ who has demonstrated the power of miracles to bring healing to a suffering world. No name in history is comparable.

Miracle life! What a world! Embrace it! Do not live a life bereft of miracles. O, Unbelief, what a beast!

The How of a Miracle

Firstly, the concept of miracles must occupy a central plank in your mind. Therefore, reform your thinking. Think miracles, think possibility. Recognise and link yourself to a God whose character it is to perform miracles. Pray miracle prayers and expect a miracle response. Believe you can depend on Him for a miracle - always! 

Thinking miracles is a divine secret. It is the art of making a faith- nest for your possibilities. Stake your claim on divine miracle power.  

How to Stake Your Claim

Say it like it is. Say it like you feel it. Speak up! Make Petition. Ask boldly. Be reverent, specific and emphatic. Command - God is not offended. This is not simply praying, it is faith in action. And God loves it that way. Before you finish, the miracle is in your hand. That is what Jesus taught His disciples. A bird in your hand is worth two in the bush, they say… What?

It’s the way to banish doubt. Doubt is a robber. Mark it and fight it as you would your greatest foe. Treat it like weeds. You don’t want it in your garden.

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