Satan Dreams to Take Africa? I Have Seen The Vision.

I was standing this side of the Mediterranean in my vision on the coasts of North Africa and I heard a man calling from across in Europe, ‘Do you know where Satan is going next?’

I said I didn’t.

Then he answered, ‘He’s heading South’.

I exclaim, ‘That means Africa!’.

‘He’s finished with Europe’, the man added, ‘he’s heading down to Makerere University to recruit disciples’.

I thought to myself, Makerere University? That’s my Alma Mater! Someone obviously has picked the fight for me.

Satan dreams to take Africa? I have seen the vision. We’re in the business of the battle for the nations. This is it! This is the beginning of a Crusade.

This continent, as no other, is ripe for vast degrees in projected potentialities, in hope. But her history holds her back, and much effort has not transmuted into reality. Deep within the mass of a burgeoning, impatient, youthful demographic, is a restless dream, a despairing fettered initiative, a yearning, but also a waking confronting reality of a future looking evermore uncertain, unfulfilled, and against the dark shadows of ethnic, socio-economic and political questions, what promise 2063? or the ‘Africa We Want’? America, EU, Global Britain, China - One Belt, One Road, but what of our Africa, Continent of 1.3 billion souls?

Africa’s retarded development is colossal tragedy of universal proportions. The dreary abject poverty, the declension, was always only symptomatic of the existential spiritual doldrums, of a demonologic predicament made visible by the shamans, sorcerers, and witchdoctors, which is to say, Africa needs intervention, but of course I do not mean French military boots.

Africa, If not Now, When? If not Jesus, Who?

Eton Mills, Bachelor of Laws, (LL.B Hons) is an Evangelist, Speaker and Author with over 37 years of ministry. An avid reader of Biography, History, Politics, World Affairs, Theological works - Karl Barth and Paul Tillich. A student of world evangelisation; D.L. Moody, John R. Mott and Dr Billy Graham. His ministry is marked by superior word-quality, a spirit of excellence, wide-ranging biblical knowledge and a faith dynamic enriched with the power of the Holy Spirit.

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