Life in the High-Tide of the Spirit

We started big, perhaps too big. Too big for people. 

I started praying for the sick in the first five minutes of that Midnight Anointing on May 19, 1992. Miracles just began to happen.

I didn’t wait. I didn’t say I’ll go and pray about it. I didn’t say I will wait upon the Lord. I didn’t say in the mouth of two and three witnesses. These are the things that hinder us in the church.  In any case why must we wait for someone else to confirm what God has said? 

God is still speaking to His people today and still they wait for Jimmy and Tammy to tell them its alright. Check the scriptures about the two and three witnesses, and they appear more than once in the bible, and you shall find that they have nothing to do with anyone confirming what God has already spoken. These witnesses relate to leadership correcting some wayward Christian not God speaking to His people. How often we take God out of context to embellish our own pet doctrines, and how remarkable that we always got away with it. If God speaks to you do not wait for anyone to come along to approve.

If I waited for people to agree that God had spoken to me in the last twenty or so years the work of God would have been grounded, if not stopped altogether.

But when God speaks to you, it’s very clear. Don’t wait for the Bishop. If the Holy Spirit has spoken to you, if God has spoken to you, what Bishop are you talking about?  These are great gifts and they are scriptural but if God speaks, don’t dither, make the move. Life could have been different, the story of your life and your destiny could have been written in gold had you listened and acted rather than consulting flesh and blood.

Counsel is wise, wisdom is priceless, but not at the expense of the voice of God; not at the expense of action.

There is a promise of power. Power to do the works of God. Jesus said, I will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.  Satan is planning, mobilising. He’s got strategy. He’s fortified in his city and he keeps his prisoners. Church, time we go into action.

Action often means demonstration, so despise not manifestation. Or, like the monkey, the devils will be in revelry, in revelry of chatter, because they see that that we act silly, having abandoned the big guns and the War, for the toys.

God could anytime now send you to the uttermost part of the earth. You could be mobilised at any time to any place. Some Christians, and leaders included, have not seen action in a long, long time. But some, we hope, ‘have hazarded their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’ (Acts 15:26).

The demonstration of the spirit starts with the tongue. Anoint the tongue with God’s power and Satan will flee.  Satan won’t move unless and until you open your mouth and utter words of power, words of unction.

Jesus said ‘Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you’ (Luke 10:19).

That word power, if more correctly translated is authority - exousia, in Greek - and if that should shoot off your tongue Lucifer shall verily be in trouble. Rise up from within, speak the word, and demons will be gone mad. Disease shall instantly go and somebody made whole.

I’d love to see every christian begin to pull up their sleeves and to get into the healing business,  into the miracle business, into the demonstration.

I’d like to see people getting saved in high-tide of power.  That’s the kind of victory I want because it’s not contestable.

What is the power of God like? What is the anointing of the Holy Spirit like!

A few years ago they used to speak about the neutron bomb, how it scared the Russians who didn’t have it and were doing their best to get ahold of it.

But what I understood about the neutron bomb is that it had power to radiate into a place and wipe out anything, any living flesh, and the rest of everything wouldn’t be touched. I haven’t heard about it since, I wonder what they’ve done with it.

But I believe the Holy Spirit manifests His power, I think, sometimes like the neutron bomb.  I feel it when I’m praying for people and if I don’t, God does it anyway. How sweet it is, this grace!

We need that power, that promise. We need that demonstration, even that manifestation!

The gospel is of the demonstration realm.  Christ and Him Crucified; that message? Its context is in the fire, in the power, in the Spirit.

How to get the world saved?  We must shift and get into that place!  We've got to get aligned with what God wants. Really, we’ve got to accept the word of God.









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